Top Money Making Tips and Widgets Widely Used By Blogger

24th July 2018

If you are thinking of starting your own blog then you must be aware of some techniques to gain money. Blogging is a hobby for many and others do it as a business. Blogging monetization plays an important part for all kinds of bloggers. Even there are a lot of bloggers who already have their blog running but […]

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Nigerian tech

The Future of Nigerian Internet Tech

17th July 2018

Innovation appropriation has a tendency to take after a sharp curve. A couple of early adopters begin to utilize new innovation, and buildup prompts quickly speeding up, trailed by a pinnacle where desires turn out to be more practical. The Nigerian internet technology is reaching new heights. This procedure more often starts with an empowering factor. This empowering influence […]

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5 technology trends in Gaming industry in 2018

14th July 2018

Innovation is always improving our way of life by making mind-boggling arrangements that convey an unordinary, uncommon and intelligent experience. Computer games have turned into a charming diversion and an awesome recreation movement for youthful grown-ups and kids. They are one of those excitement fundamentals where computerized innovation has worked like a supernatural occurrence to improve client […]

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demote as admin

WhatsApp Launches “Demote as Admin” Feature on Android

13th July 2018

WhatsApp a month ago presented another element that diminishes the pain of overseeing WhatsApp gatherings. The talk application revealed a beta period of “Demote as Admin” that permits an administrator to downgrade or reject another administrator to a typical gathering part. The component has now at last moved out of the beta form and is […]

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How to Protect Your Website from Hackers and Viruses

29th March 2017

You probably think that there is nothing on your website that would make it vulnerable to hacking, but websites are hacked every day. Most of the time, these hacks do not occur to deface your website or steal customer data. They are done so your server can be used as a relay for spam email. […]

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10 Essential Gadgets for Every Businessman

31st May 2016

In today’s overwhelmingly advanced age, a man on the go needs a couple of gadgets in their cannons. These now bend over as a businessman’s instruments of the exchange. Discover what you have to work profitably and remain focused of the amusement. The capacity to be an early connector of innovation and stay aware of […]

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Latest Technology Trends

20th May 2016

1.Putting more science into management Pretty much as the Internet and profitability apparatuses amplify the span of and give influence to work area based specialists, innovation is helping directors abuse ever-more prominent measures of information to settle on more brilliant choices and build up the bits of knowledge that make upper hands and new plans […]

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