Instagram is testing stories-like tap to scroll feature in explore

Instagram updates

Instagram is taking steps to make it more user-friendly and increase engagement among users. Normally if one looks through the Explore tab, one has to scroll up like is the norm with the main feed. But that might soon change. The effortless method of moving through Stories might be coming soon to Instagram. Instagram updates may simply be navigated by a tap instead of scrolling. A user had shared a screenshot on Twitter displaying the new navigation revolution Instagram might be bringing its users. As expected it soon created a buzz among Instagram users and techies alike.

Users may soon be able to move through Instagram updates as they move through Stories, with a simple tap. Soon Instagram also confirmed to TechCrunch that they are indeed testing out this new method among a subset of users. A spokesperson for Instagram had provided a statement  “ We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love.” Whether this feature will be available on the main feed with Explore is unclear for now.

An auto advance feature is already available on the section titled Videos You Might Like section of the Explore. This feature automatically starts a new video when the last one finishes. This allows the users to come across a host of videos that the user may have missed otherwise. If this new tap instead of scroll method is introduced to move through Instagram updates, it might completely change the way people use Instagram across the day. This method, first introduced by Snapchat, reduces thumb fatigue and allows the user to always see the media full screen, instead of scrolling up and down. It makes the user experience much more rewarding according to the reports.

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