The benefits of Social Media Marketing Campaigns

social media platforms

Social media marketing campaigns are a type of marketing utilizing the internet which uses social media platforms as marketing channels. Known as SMM in short its aim is to create content that users will share within their social network and allow a business to increase its brand exposure and broaden the customer base.

The key to an effective social media campaign

  • Content development – Creating social media feeds or posts on social media platforms for your customers. Not all of them should be promotional. Make it a mix of 80:20 for organic vs. promotional content.
  • Content distribution – Do you wish to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp? Each of these social media platforms requires different kinds of content and has different types of viewers.
  • Content engagement – You would need to react with comments that people leave on Facebook. In the case of Twitter, you have to generate 2-5 tweets a week with relevant hashtags. LinkedIn is all about conversing in groups and making meaningful comments that are shared whereas Instagram is about visual appeal. You are not likely to engage with the same type of customers on Instagram and LinkedIn and your content and manner of engagement have to be tailor-made.
  • Content analytics – Make sure you understand where your marketing dollar is going. Measure your weekly and monthly progress with help of metrics from SMM firm you have engaged.

Major benefits of social media marketing

  • Brand awareness – There are about 2.8 billion active social media users in this world. Every social media platform has a search feature which allows you to find your target audience. You have the chance to tell them what your business sells and why they should buy your product. No other advertising channel offers such concentrated access. Assuming your content is great it can even become viral (at least to a small extent) among those consumers (segmented by age, income and other criteria) you want to be known among.
  • Improved insight into audience mind – When consumers provide reviews on social media they do so unbiased. They will love what you sold them or hate it but at least you will know why they hated it. No other media allows this two-way communication with a broad swath of customers.
  • Low advertising expenses – Advertising on social media platforms is really cheap. It probably costs less than printing flyers and sticking posters on a wall. One well-targeted advertisement on YouTube can reach exactly whom you want. Let’s say you custom paint cars – who do you, want to see your advertisement. Someone with a Mustang they would like to put a decal on or a bored housewife who wants to thumb through Cosmo? Can you imagine reaching everyone in your locality or region who clicks on a video of a high-performance car in YouTube with your advertisement? This kind of reach at this few dollars was impossible before social media marketing happened.
  • Improved brand loyalty – According to some studies brands which are active on social media find their customers to be more loyal. This probably has to do with the conversation or rather dialogue that comes with social media marketing campaigns. Customers begin to think of the brand as a sort of living entity (since it has a social media presence and communicates) instead of as a logo or a store or a uniform.
  • SEO – Social media marketing is very useful to boost your website SEO. It helps generate a lot of visits and visits usually mean more people are going to become interested in what you have to offer.


From more website traffic to understanding why your customers did not like the new Thai soup your restaurant introduced social media marketing and indeed social media platforms presence gives all businesses access to their customers like never before. It is very young sector (social media itself is little more than a decade old) and is likely to change several times in near future but this much is sure that at every step it will provide to business owners more and better ways to engage with customers.

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