Things you must know before hiring a content Marketing agency

content Marketing agency

Contact any one of them and I assure you they will walk you through the process! But how do you find a decent one?

Compare your options and know what you want.

Start with online research and asking around for agency suggestions. Then you need to interview one or more agencies to see if they are a fit. Before you do meet you will need to pull together a summary of what you want the agency to do either on an ongoing or project basis.

It is kind of like a job description but with additional info, the agency needs to do marketing work.

Now typically agencies want to meet with you right away and pitch you. They are good at that but it might not be the most efficient process for you.

I generally don’t give them much info about the job and just send an email asking to see a generic capabilities deck to get a feel for what they do and what work they are most proud of. If you don’t have any experience with marketing you might ask someone else to give you some feedback on these decks.

Now you probably you have one or more agencies that interest you and it is time to have a face to face meeting.

Send over your brief with an invitation to meet. Likely they will show up with a more specific pitch a deck for you to see including the team that would work on your project, relevant work examples and perhaps a price. I would expect a general, high-level conversation about how they can help you with your needs but no actual work.

A couple final points:

  • Every agency claims to do strategy as well as a whole bunch of other stuff, but most are actually good at just a few things. Look at strategy agencies if you want that or design or SEO or whatever. Look at the background of the principles. You can find true full-service agencies but they are typically larger or essentially a broker of freelancers, which is fine if you don’t have the capacity to manage freelancers just be sure they have the core competency and approach you need first.
  • Marketing attracts a lot of charming folks who want you to believe it should all come down to the chemistry. I agree that chemistry is important but be sure they also understand your brand/business and have an aesthetic you like. I have been pitched be heads of agencies who were speaking to where my brand was ten years ago and clearly didn’t do any research before the meeting. Fail.

Marketing cost something. Marketers solve tough challenges and have to earn a living. You can get better prices working with smaller shops or agencies in smaller cities but there are always tradeoffs at some point. I try not to waste folk’s time with unrealistic expectations and value frankness in pricing conversations.

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