How to list your Business on Google Maps

Google Maps

It would be presumptuous of me to try and add to the already wonderful list put together in answers. So, I’ll try and take a different direction – trying and answering how entrepreneurs can be productive and then explain how the product we are building (Cubeit) could be useful in that sense. What I would do is offer a Google My Business as a free service show them the map listing and check from time to time if the owner sees a change in his business. It will help you to have something to talk about and then offer more services like a website, computer support, etc.

Here are the few options for your entrepreneur world:

  • Campaign Management: We are continuously running several marketing campaigns across different platforms, with all the planning, execution, tracking and analysis of those initiatives it’s very easy to lose control, miss deadlines or have duplicate jobs. So, we set up a project called “Social Media Campaigns” to let everyone know who’s responsible for what, have a centralized place for marketing assets and share KPI from current and past campaigns to discuss next steps and refine strategies.
  • Bug Tracking: Whenever a bug is reported we set up a task in a project called “Bugs and corrective measures” about that bug. Each bug has a priority assign from Low to High. Bugs with high priority are provided as soon as possible to our engineering team to resolve
  • New ideas and features suggestions: We understand that everyone has their unique approach regarding collaboration and project management topics, and we have to handle plenty of suggestions about innovations coming to us coming from several different pathways including messaging platform, email, and informal discussions. We have initiated a new “Features Requests and Opportunities” projects to centralize all of this feedback to discuss together with all of our team and bring these features to our roadmap.
  • Client Projects: Some of our clients are consulting agencies, from design studios to PR agencies, to collaborate with stakeholders outside agencies is key. We try to make it as smooth as possible with a guest account. A guest teammate can collaborate on a given project without the need of creating an account. This is especially useful to keep all the information in one place and avoid the back-and-forth email.
  • Cards – Google has shown us the way, and now it is for us to follow. Google maps are always there to guide you, along with SEO for help.  (Think of it as Google Now for all of your content)

Collections – For example, if you’re in talks with a particular  VC for angel investment, then a collection about the VC will include a list of previous investments, email cards with information colleagues have emailed you, contact cards for important people to reach out to for information, event cards with dates of your next meeting, and so on. The possibilities that collections open up are endless.

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