Best digital marketing tools for small business owners

All small business owners realize that starting an online business is expensive without the help of digital marketing tools.

They also realize that these different digital marketing tools help them in their online presence and business marketing.

Startups need to extract the most from their investment, especially in marketing. Therefore, they must have sufficient finance advice related to the digital marketing strategy sold.

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Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most recognized free online analytics service. Thousands use it regularly and it has established industry standards by combining several analytical functions for mobile and traditional users.

Google Analytics should be the first feature to install on your website. It will record almost everything about your website and online business marketing.

Keyword Planner:

Keyword Planner is a merger of the Google AdWords Estimator Tool and the Keyword Tool. It is one of the top search tools available in the modern economy and is perfect for SEO optimization. There are several key measures, but the tools are focused on keyword traffic and competitiveness.


BuzzSumo can provide more data for digital marketing specialists with rich content about small business ideas and innovations. Content marketing is not only necessary for better SEO, but also for digital marketing strategy. This means that you must have access to useful and relevant content about keywords which are in vogue.


Hootsuite is one of the first social networking clients that have included the most popular social networking platforms and digital marketing. It helps companies, small and medium enterprises, and new companies to implement incredible social network strategies in their organizations so that their message becomes important relationships. It helps you manage all your social network accounts in one place, saving a lot of time.


SimilarWeb is an online market information tool, which provides accurate traffic and marketing information for each site. With a single click, users can not only get a quick overview of the classification and scope of the site but also their participation in contacting users. By accessing a search by category by sector or country, users have access to the top 50 websites for their small business ideas.

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