Month: September 2018

content Marketing agency

Things you must know before hiring a content Marketing agency

30th September 2018

Contact any one of them and I assure you they will walk you through the process! But how do you find a decent one? Compare your options and know what you want. Start with online research and asking around for agency suggestions. Then you need to interview one or more agencies to see if they […]

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influencer marketing

How to grow your Business with the Influencer Marketing

29th September 2018

PR doesn’t work in the same way that it used to, but that doesn’t mean that PR has no role to play. Actually, public relations and other prevalent marketing methods now work in new and unique ways, spread across more channels, than has ever been possible. The traditional newspapers and magazine advertisements are not as […]

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Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the Digital marketing Sphere

28th September 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents an amazing technological achievement for the humankind. It leads to a better, automated world and its impact in the world of digital marketing is huge. Advantages Improves user experience as you can see everybody going crazy over Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Even websites are using AI to boost personalized browsing […]

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Best digital marketing tools for small business owners

26th September 2018

All small business owners realize that starting an online business is expensive without the help of digital marketing tools. They also realize that these different digital marketing tools help them in their online presence and business marketing. Startups need to extract the most from their investment, especially in marketing. Therefore, they must have sufficient finance advice related to the digital marketing strategy sold. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is undoubtedly […]

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Google Maps

How to list your Business on Google Maps

26th September 2018

It would be presumptuous of me to try and add to the already wonderful list put together in answers. So, I’ll try and take a different direction – trying and answering how entrepreneurs can be productive and then explain how the product we are building (Cubeit) could be useful in that sense. What I would do is offer […]

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Women Entrepreneurs

Major challenges Women Entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them

24th September 2018

Women entrepreneurs have become the quickest growing segment of the small business community. Due to long-held customs and institutions, there are serious barriers that businesswomen face and which their male counterparts do not need to. Putting aside social expectation: When women entrepreneurs have to negotiate chiefly with male owners and managers, it can sometimes be intimidating. A business […]

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5 ways to boost your small business Marketing

22nd September 2018

Business Marketing is essential to the survival of all small business Marketing. Your business must be visible or how will you find new customers? Business marketing is an important device to capture your local market. Learn from what your competition is doing: As the owner of a small company, observe what your competitors are doing to attract […]

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online business

5 online business ideas you can start tomorrow

19th September 2018

The internet economy offers immense opportunities for those wishing to become entrepreneurs. There are no barriers. You can work for clients from thousands of kilometers away at the click of a mouse. Here are some ideas about online businesses that can be launched with very little effort: Start writing blogs: If you have experience, passion or interest in the […]

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Most common mistakes a small business makes when building an online presence

18th September 2018

In modern tech-driven economy, small business need to understand how to create a consistent presence on the Internet.  Most businesses now have a website, but this is not enough if they wish to create an optimal online presence to reach potential customers. It is natural that small business owners may feel out of their depth when trying to discover the […]

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