Top Money Making Tips and Widgets Widely Used By Blogger


If you are thinking of starting your own blog then you must be aware of some techniques to gain money. Blogging is a hobby for many and others do it as a business.

Blogging monetization plays an important part for all kinds of bloggers. Even there are a lot of bloggers who already have their blog running but are unable to earn from their blog.

So for either of the cases, it is essential for them to know a bit more about the different techniques that can be applied to blogging. Here we are going to discuss some of the best strategies to get money blogging.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is quite a common term and well known among bloggers. This is a performance-based marketing strategy where you get a fixed commission for referring a customer or visitor of your site to another popular site.

If a visitor of your site clicks and makes a purchase using the link in your site then you could get a small share of the money received. Based on the amount of traffic generated for your posts and the kind of product that you choose it will become very easy to gain a huge amount of money over time.

The smartest way to earn money is to use the affiliate links for only those posts which are very popular and has a huge traffic inflow. A proper SEO management and content strategy can help traffic increase which in turn would help in affiliate marketing be successful.


Offering E-Services

If you want your blog to be famous among readers then you need to work for it. The best ides to bring in more traffic is to sell services. Selling online services such as E-Teaching, Social Media Marketing, Offering Writing Services, Design, Travel and Planning will be a better idea.

A lot of bloggers usually earn by all kinds of side services that they offer. To let people know more about your services make your blog more attractive and informative.

Try using different marketing principles to gain the trust of your visitors. Specify your expertise and let people know more about that. Look for endorsement so that your blog keeps growing day by day.


Selling Adspace

Selling ad space to advertisers or other brands can bring you some extra cash. You can provide hosting if you have a huge number of visitors.

Along with this, you can also give away your sidebar space for advertisement. One can also use ad banners at the side or bottom of the page. You would be paid based on per click. So make sure your blog is really very popular.

Brand Collaboration

Try to look for sponsors related to your content. You can collaborate with different brands of your niche to earn money by blogging. A lot of such brands do not mind working with bloggers because of their niche.

Rather it has become very common now. The stronger network you build, the better you can expect.

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